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Letter From
The Principal

Welcome to the Susquehanna Township Middle School Web page.  It is a pleasure to serve as the Principal of Susquehanna Township Middle School. In my experiences as a School Administrator I have found that middle school is an exciting time during which adoleschents develop and experience significant changes.  As such, the Susquehanna Township Middle School is dedicated to meeting the individual and varied needs of students in a safe and supportive environment.  The Susquehanna Township Middle School is staffed with caring, compassionate, and dedicated teachers who understand and are prepared to assist students as they journey through the exciting and sometimes challenging middle school years.
The Susquehanna Township Middle School provides a rigorous, challenging, and exciting curriculum in which students are taught to question, think critically, and develop patterns of analytical thought through each of the academic disciplines. Students who matriculate through the Susquehanna Township Middle school are well prepared academically and socially for a successful high school experience.
In addition to academic opportunities, students are encouraged to become further connected with their school, classmates, and teachers by participating in afterschool activities.  A list of these activies can be located on our website. 

Please do not hesitate to call if I can be of assistance.  It is our pleasure to serve students and families.