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    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109




    Each homeroom teacher shall, at the opening of each school day, require the pupils in the homeroom to sit or stand quietly for a period of meditation approximately thirty (30) seconds in length. The students shall be told that the purpose of the meditation is to provide an opportunity for each of them to reflect in his or her own way upon the anticipated activities of the day and to mentally prepare themselves to participate in the instructional program. The period of silent meditation is not intended to be a religious exercise and the homeroom teacher shall not suggest in any way that the subject of the meditation should be religiously oriented. All students shall be required to either sit quietly together or stand quietly together (in accordance with the instructions of the homeroom teacher) during the period provided for meditation.

    As part of the opening exercises each day, and subject to the exception hereinafter set forth, all students shall be required to recite together the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States. If a student has conscientious objections, which interfere with participation in the pledge of allegiance to the flag, that student shall stand, remain quiet and maintain a respectful attitude while others are reciting the pledge of allegiance.

    The parents or guardian of a student refusing to participate in the pledge of allegiance to the flag shall be notified by the building principal and shall be required to furnish the school administration with a written statement of their conscientious objection.


    Approved by the School Board – February 26, 1973

    Amended by the School Board – June 8, 1987