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    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109




    In the case of illness or injury occurring to any student or staff member, the teacher and principal shall take such measures as may be necessary to insure immediate and proper treatment. In serious cases, the school nurse, principal, and parents should be notified immediately.

     Accidents occurring under the jurisdiction of the school shall be reported promptly. Forms are available in the offices of the school nurses and the offices of the principals (see sample on reverse side). Failure to file this report may be embarrassing and detrimental to the teacher and school authorities in the event that a parent should seek to bring legal action against the teacher or school for negligence or other cause. This is an important responsibility of all teachers having students under their jurisdiction at the time of an accident.

    Principals shall investigate every incident of consequence to make certain that procedures and facilities are not contributory factors. Principals are responsible to inform the superintendent as soon as possible of any serious injury.

    All accident reports must be routed to the principal and nurse and copies forwarded to the business office and the superintendent’s office. The business office will be responsible to forward a copy of the incident report o the school insurance carrier. Building principals are responsible to process forms required for student insurance.

    It is recommended that emergency records be maintained for individual students and employees indicating parents’ or employees’ preferences if an illness or accident does occur. In case of serious illness or accident, these records should be readily available.


    Approved by the School Board - June 8, 1987