Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109



    The Board of Education, upon the advice of the school district auditor, requires the following business practices.

    1. The School District bank depository should be notified in writing that all withdrawals from the various District savings accounts should be deposited only to the corresponding checking account. This procedure will protect the District from the possibility of unauthorized withdrawals from savings accounts.

    2. Utilize only one designated signature for withdrawals from savings to checking accounts. This procedure requires bank notification. The Business Manager’s signature is recommended.

    3. Disbursements from all checking accounts should be on pre-numbered, magnetically encoded checks for that particular account. Check amounts are computer printed or typed (in house) and checks are signed by facsimile signature. The check signer is a dual-key (executive and operator) machine equipped with a non-resettable counter. Operator maintains a disbursement record, which coincides with disbursements made for the month.

    4. All financial transactions are approved by the School Board at monthly meetings.


    Amended by the School Board - November 23, 1998