Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109


    The function of the purchasing office is to serve the educational program by providing the necessary supplies, equipment and services.

    The Board declares its intention to purchase competitively without prejudice and to seek maximum educational value for every dollar expended.

    The acquisition of services, equipment and supplies shall be centralized in the business office, which functions under the supervision of a Business Manager and through whose office all purchasing transactions are to be conducted.

    1. The Business Manager is designated by the Board to serve as purchasing agent. She/he shall be responsible for developing and administering the purchasing program of the school district.

    2. Competitive bids or quotations shall be solicited in connection with all purchasing whenever practical. Contracts shall be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder complying with specifications and with other stipulated bidding conditions.

    3. The purchasing agent is authorized to issue purchase orders without prior approval of the School Board when formal bidding procedures are not required by law and when budget appropriations are adequate to cover such obligations.

    4. All purchase contracts for materials, equipment, or repairs involving and expenditure of more than $10,000 shall be awarded on the basis of public advertising and competitive bidding in accordance with school code. The Business Manager is authorized to open bids and record the same pursuant to law.

    5. All contracts which require public advertising and competitive bidding shall be awarded by action of the School Board. Recommendations for the award of all such contracts shall be submitted to the School Board by the Business Manager.

    6. Residence or place of business of local bidders may be considered only in cases where identical bids have been submitted.

    7. Items commonly used in the various schools or units thereof shall be standardized whenever consistent with educational goals and in the interest of efficiency or economy.
    8. The purchasing employed shall comply with all applicable laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and regulations approved by the School Board.

    9. Opportunity shall be provided to all responsible suppliers to do business with the district. To this end the purchasing agent shall develop and maintain lists of potential bidders for the various types of materials, equipment and supplies. Such lists shall be used in the development of a mailing list for distribution of specifications and invitations to bid. Any supplier may be included in the list upon request.

    10. No School Board Member, officer, or employee of the local school district or their families shall be interested financially in any contract entered into by the Board. This shall also preclude acceptance of any gratuities, financial or otherwise, from any supplier of materials or services to the district.


    The School Board recognizes the advantages of centralized purchasing both from the standpoint of economy and control. The Board authorizes the Business Manager to purchase and supervise the purchasing of all equipment, materials, goods and supplies for the school system in accordance with State law and good purchasing practices with the following limitations:

    1. All purchases of furniture, supplies and other appliances from $4,000 to $10,000. At least three (3) quotes must be obtained. The lowest quote shall receive the business unless a justification for a higher quote can be defended.

    2. All purchases of furniture, supplies and other appliances costing more than $10,000. Proper state mandated advertisement and bid procedure must be followed with the awarded being made to the lowest responsible bidder.

    Routine Repairs – Grounds and Buildings

    The School Board authorizes the Business Manager to award contracts for construction, reconstruction, repairs or work of any nature where the entire cost or value, including labor and materials, is ten thousand dollars ($10,000) or less without soliciting competitive bids. Good purchasing practices should be followed in all cases.

    All other contracts will be entered into according to the school laws of Pennsylvania with the following guidelines:
    1. All construction, reconstruction, repairs of any nature including the introduction of plumbing, heating, ventilating or lighting where the total project exceeds $10,000 must be advertised and bid according to State regulations and shall be done by separate contracts.
    2. For all construction, reconstruction, repairs of any nature from $4,000 to $10,000 at least three (3) quotes must be obtained. The lowest quote shall receive the business unless a justification for a higher quote can be defended.
    Amended by the School Board – November 23, 1998