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    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109



    The Board recognizes that through obsolescence, severe wear, unserviceability, or for other reasons, supplies, furniture, equipment and other personal property become surplus, and are no longer usable by the District.

    Administrators will submit a list of any items which they designate as surplus to the Business Manager. After it is determined that those items cannot be used elsewhere in the District, the Business Manager will, on a periodic basis, submit a list of all such items to the Board to be considered for disposition. If the Board determines that individual items or lots of items have an estimated fair market value of less than One Thousand ($1,000.00) Dollars, the personal property may be sold in accordance with the following procedures:

    1. Such personal property may be sold at public auction, by sealed bid, by electronic bid or on e-Bay.
    1. Notice of the items to be sold and the terms and conditions of sale shall be publicized by any of the following methods: Local newspapers, District newsletters, PTO newsletters, student bulletins, posting on the District website, or posting at the school buildings. If it is determined to sell items on e-Bay, publication of the items for sale and terms and conditions of the sale shall not be required other than as posted on e-Bay.
    1. For any items which are determined to have no sale value or for such items of surplus personal property which are worth less than disposal costs, the items may be donated to a charitable organization or discarded.
    1. All proceeds from the sale of surplus personal property will be deposited into the general fund of the District and reported to the Board.
    1. Salvage scrap shall be sold to local scrap dealers.
    1. District personnel may not receive or accept abandoned or disposed of property, except that they may join with others in bidding for items to be sold.


     Approved by the School Board – August 27, 2007