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    The Board approves the use of procurement cards for permissible purchases by designated employees to improve the efficiency of purchasing activities, reduce processing expenses, improve controls for small-dollar purchases, and streamline vendor payment. The Board directs the administration to establish safeguards to prevent misuse of such cards.

    The Board shall approve the list of employees authorized to use District procurement cards.

    The Board shall purchase adequate insurance coverage for procurement card misuse.

    Procurement card - a corporate charge card designed to reduce the cost and bureaucracy of small-dollar purchases.

    A list of authorized users of procurement cards shall be maintained in the business office and shall include employees in designated positions.

    All use of procurement cards shall be supervised and monitored on a regular basis by the Business Manager, who shall ensure the use of such cards is in accordance with the funds budgeted for this purpose.

    Proper accounting measures for the use of procurement cards shall be developed, distributed, implemented, and monitored by the Business Manager

    An employee authorized to use a procurement card shall maintain adequate security of the card while it is in his/her possession. Under no circumstances may the card be used by another individual.

    Each employee using a District procurement card shall sign a card usage agreement and receive training on applicable policies and procedures.

    Procurement cards will be used for authorized District purchases only and shall not be used for personal purchases. The District retains the authority to revoke any procurement card used for unauthorized or personal purposes.

    Violations of this policy by an employee shall result in disciplinary action, in accordance with Board policy.

    The established procedure for processing purchases by employees using procurement cards shall be as follows:

    1. Employee negotiates directly with the vendor in making purchases.
    2. Business office receives the consolidated invoice for payment, which is forwarded to the cardholder.
    3. Cardholder verifies receipt of purchased items, reconciles the billing statement with purchases, and attaches receipts with applicable budget code information.
    4. Supervisor reviews statement and signs approval.

    Purchases on his/her assigned procurement card by an individual employee shall not exceed a single transaction dollar limit of $1,000.

    The following list includes but is not limited to items authorized for purchase, without obtaining bids or quotes, by employees using procurement cards:

    ( ) Stationery and office supplies.

    ( ) Minor repair items.

    ( ) Computer parts and accessories.

    ( ) Conference registration and applicable fees (after approval by the Superintendent and Board).

    Procurement cards shall not be used to circumvent the required bidding process.

    Purchases over $4,000.00 shall require the use of a purchase order in accordance with established Board policy and procedures.

    Procurement cards shall not be used for purchases that could be anticipated at the beginning of the school year and would circumvent the required bidding process.

    Approved by the School Board: December 18, 2006