Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109



    Buses, due to traffic problems and weather conditions, can run late; however, will not run early. Pupils should wait at their prescribed bus stop for a reasonable time beyond the scheduled time for pickup at which time it is advised that they return home. Depending on the severity of weather conditions this waiting may be unbearable and under extreme conditions, parental and student judgment should be exercised.

    In some hilly areas there are definite problems in winter. The buses cannot make the hill climb under snowy or icy conditions. As these conditions can vary from hour to hour depending upon melting and/or salting and cindering, parental and student judgment should determine whether the children should walk to the bottom of the hill to meet the bus.

    All bus drivers, contractual and district employed, have been instructed that after leaving their respective dispatch points their judgment as trained professional drivers becomes a most important factor. If, in that judgment, a route is determined to be unsafe, it is a decision, which will be supported. This decision should not be haphazardly made. Under no circumstances will the district direct a bus driver to take risks, which are contrary to the best judgment of driver.

    Approved by the School Board - March 26, 1979
    Amended by the School Board - June 8, 1987