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    The Susquehanna Township School District shall provide transportation for resident students, in grades kindergarten through twelve, to the district public schools and those non-public schools, located within a ten (10) mile road distance of the school district boundaries (as required by the Law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania).

    School bus service is available to all students who reside more than a mile-and-a-half from the school they attend. Bus service is additionally provided in a closer area if the students must cross roads that have been determined as being hazardous by the Department of Transportation. Students may walk from one-tenth to one-quarter of a mile to a bus stop as determined by the school district. Transportation shall be furnished between the district determined bus stops and the schools to which the students are assigned.

    Eligibility for bus transportation shall be determined at the time of registration. Transportation shall be furnished only to and from the assigned stop. * Written requests from a parent or guardian to change a student’s pick-up or drop-off point must be filed with the Business Manager, who shall be responsible for making a final determination relative to the parental and/or guardian request.

    Kindergarten through fifth grade students may be transported to and/or from babysitters and/or day care centers provided the stops are located within the boundaries of the school district. Arrangements for transportation to and/or from babysitters and/or day care locations must be made on a permanent basis. These arrangements will not vary day to day or week to week, i.e., requests for alternate days to different locations will not be honored. The district is not authorized to provide transportation to and/or from locations outside of its respective boundaries.

    In the interest of safety, elementary students are not permitted to use bus transportation for any other purpose than to be transported to their assigned bus stops based on their place of residency or previously approved child care facilities. Only in the case of an emergency will exceptions to this policy be considered by the building principal and then only in accordance with the individual school procedures.

    Secondary building principals will honor written requests for a bus change for specific reasons. The change will be subject to availability of space on the bus involved. No requests will be approved if it is a convenience request, i.e., transportation to a job site.

    The law prohibits a bus driver from changing stop locations without the approval of the school district administration.

    A change in transportation assignment, for reason(s) other than a residence change, if approved by the Business Manager, shall be subject to seating space availability and shall be permanent.

    *Transportation to and from district buildings may also be provided in relation to the YMCA School Age Child Care Program.
    Approved by the School Board - May 8, 1989
    Amended by the School Board - January 8, 1990
    Amended by the School Board - October 28, 1996