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    Principals are responsible for the grouping and class assignment of students in their respective buildings. All student assignments to class groups should be based upon data indicating the most beneficial and productive placement of the student as determined by teachers, guidance counselors and the principal.

    Because we are concerned with individuals rather than groups, it is difficult and unsound to set forth a general policy on organizing class groups that would be applicable for all students. There are, however, basic principles to be followed such as:

    1. Every consideration should be given for cooperative planning by the principal with counselors, teachers, parents and students.
    2. The criteria or prerequisites for placement of students should be in writing and readily available to all concerned.
    3. All course scheduling for students in grades 8 through 12 will be based on the written recommendations of the guidance counselor to the parent. These recommendations are to be based on the student’s past achievement, established criteria or course prerequisites, teacher and principal recommendations and student needs and interest.
    4. In any instance where the parents disagree with the course recommendation of the counselor and wish their child admitted to another course, the student will be enrolled provided:
    1. the parent’s request and reasons thereof are stated in writing
    2. the parents receive written approval from the principal

    Since ultimately the principal is responsible for the assignment of students, it will be the principal’s final decision as to the placement of a student when disagreement exists between the parent and the counselor’s recommendations. The principal’s decision will be based on interests and legal ramifications.

    Approved by the School Board - June 3, 1974
    Amended by School Board - June 8, 1987