Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109


    Students are to receive sufficient quality and quantity of materials, which are considered necessary for successfully meeting the requirements of the educational program. However, high school students participating in Industrial Arts, Photography, Taxidermy, Home Economics, Art classes, etc., who receive school supplies in excess of that which is required for the instructional program should reimburse the school district on a fair, reasonable and equitable basis. Students may also be encouraged to purchase their own supplies required for their special projects.

    For example, students in Industrial Arts constructing large projects such as gun cabinets, furniture, etc. are expected to pay their fair share for the cost of materials. Students in Photography who utilize film for their own use should reimburse the school district or furnish their own film. Art students using canvas and framing supplied by the school district which are beyond the requirements of the art class are expected to reimburse the school district for these materials.

    Where, in the opinion of the classroom teacher, the special interest or skill of a student suggests that the student be permitted to work on a project beyond the basic requirements and where the students family is unable to provide the additional supplies, the principal may approve to furnish such materials to the student.

    In all cases where applicable, student charges should be determined by the classroom teacher and payment made directly to the principal’s office in accordance with Administrative Procedures #5135. Receipts must be given to students for all collections.

    In conclusion, it is understood the school district is responsible to furnish only supplies and materials necessary for all instructional programs. This policy applies to materials and supplies in excess of the required program and which in all cases will remain the property of the student.

    Approved by the School Board - June 30, 1975
    Amended by the School Board - June 8, 1987