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    Study abroad has inherent value for today’s students, however, it is crucial that the circumstances under which they tour and study abroad be well planned. The following policies are applicable:
    1. Board approval must be received before any students are solicited for a travel-study tour. Request for Board approval should contain all pertinent information regarding the tour: the itinerary, educational purpose of the trip, number of students, the number and identity of all teachers who will be responsible for supervision, the instructional program, evaluation procedures, costs to the student, and benefits or compensation available to the teacher from the tour agency.

    2. Upon approval, the School District will assume the costs of substitutes for classroom teachers. It is specifically understood that teachers are responsible to supervise properly the activities and behavior of the students in the interest of their safety and welfare.

    3. Any approval granted by the Board shall be understood to be in specific reliance upon the representation made to the Board concerning the ratio of teacher-chaperones to participating students. If that ratio should change as a result of either greater student participating in the program or few available teacher-chaperones, then any approval theretofore given by the Board shall be automatically revoked unless and until the Board shall approve the revised student chaperone ratios.

    4. Arrangements must be made through the School District office to have the coverage of the School District’s liability insurance extended by the School District’s carrier to cover the activities of teachers and students participating in any such trip. The cost, if any, extending such liability coverage must be paid to the School District prior to final approval for the participation of students and teachers in any travel study program.
    5. Only teachers employed by the School District may serve as official chaperones. The teacher’s spouse or relative may not be considered a chaperone unless employed by the School District. The preliminary plans should include a disclosure of all adults intended to accompany the students.

    6. In surveying students for the trip, care should be taken not to exploit or to place undue pressure on any students. No statement should be made asserting or implying that extra credit, additional benefits, higher grades, etc., are to be granted for the travel-study tour. These matters would be considered unfair for students who are not participating in the tour.

    7. All preliminary plans should clearly state provisions and arrangements for coping with emergencies and accidents and other unusual circumstances. The sponsoring organization must be identified explicitly and a complete itinerary must be submitted with address and phone numbers so that parents know where the student is at all times and precisely whom to contact in case of emergency.

    8. If the School Board should determine that (a) the conditions of this policy have not been met, or (b) conditions exist which constitute an unreasonable risk to international travelers, or (c) the trip is not to be conducted as originally represented, then in any such case, the School Board may rescind its approval.

    9. If the trip is canceled for any reason - - including withdrawal of School District consent—the School District will not be responsible to parents, students or others for any loss of down payment or other costs incurred.

    10. A copy of this policy shall be provided to each student and to the student’s parent or guardian prior to acceptance of a commitment to participate in any travel program.



    Approved by the School Board – July 28, 1986

    Amended by the School Board – June 8, 1987