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    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109






    Distinguished Scholars Program – A comprehensive high school program of study for academically talented students


    The Susquehanna Township Scholars Program provides the curriculum, instruction and counseling necessary to meet the needs of academically talented students in grades eleven and twelve. It extends and enriches the education of the able student by offering a comprehensive and advanced program of study in English, mathematics, science, social studies, foreign languages, and the fine arts. By bringing together exceptional students, an exceptional staff and a rigorous curriculum, the Scholars Program provides an added degree of preparation for a college education.




    The criteria for student eligibility in the Scholars Program will be a past performance of high academic achievement, evidence of maturity and self-motivation, and a student interest in the pursuit of academic excellence. Candidates who choose to participate in this program with the intent of earning a Scholars Diploma must successfully complete (maintain a 78% average or better in each of the course) a minimum of nine (9) units of credit selected from the following:


    Trigonometry; Analytical Geometry; AP Statistics; AP Calculus: Honors English 11, Honors English 12; AP English; Honors U.S. History; AP U.S. History; AP Comparative Government and Politics; AP U.S. Government and         Politics; Economics; Political Science; Introduction to Humanities; Psychology; AP Biology; AP Chemistry; Honors Physics; AP Physics; Level III Honors French/Spanish; Level IV Honors French/Spanish; AP French/Spanish; Advanced Music; Accounting II; Advanced Program Languages and Application; Art Independent Study; Cisco II; and CASA.


    Diploma candidates may participate in a cross section of all disciplines listed or they may select a concentration of courses on only those disciplines in which they have ability and interest. Also, this plan encourages qualified students to select courses on an individual basis, with or without the intent of earning a Scholars Diploma.




    A special Distinguished Scholars Diploma will be granted to all students who have met the nine unit minimum requirement of this program in addition to the present graduation requirements established by the school district for all students. Additionally, the student’s transcript will emphasize the high degree of academic excellence pursued and college placement references will note the student’s participation in the Distinguished Scholars Program.


    Exceptions: Students who are enrolled in advanced level courses at Harrisburg Area Community College (see Options on page 34) may request, in writing to the principal, to have those courses considered for Distinguished Scholars credit.


    Students transferring from another high school may request that Distinguished Scholars credit be given for courses taken at the previous school which correspond with those listed above. It will be necessary for them, however, to produce course description documentation.


    The building principal will make final judgments on all exceptions.


      *Credit toward a Distinguished Scholars Diploma will be at the discretion of the music instructor.



    Approved by the School Board – September 24, 1979

    Amended by the School Board – June 8, 1987, Revised – November 8, 2004