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    Grade 8 Orientation From Middle School to High School

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    2. High School representatives of various departments will visit the Middle School in early January to discuss their particular curriculum with the students. It is estimated that two sessions will be necessary. The Middle School counselors should be present at the time of the high school representatives’ presentation.

    3. Scheduling forms for grade 8 students should be available immediately following the December holidays.

    4. The High School Educational Planning Guide should be prepared and distributed along with the scheduling forms.
    1. Course selection sheets should be completed in their entirety by the student and approved by the guidance counselor prior to being sent home to the parents. The guidance counselor should indicate with a signature his/her review of the selection sheet. It must be emphasized that scheduling changes will not be made after the final run has been made in the computer.


    Orientation From the Elementary School To The Middle School


    1. A one-day orientation program will be scheduled during the school term for students to visit and tour the Middle School. Classroom teachers and subject specialists will speak to the students. 

    2. Middle School administrators and Middle School counselors should meet with teachers at the elementary schools.