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    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109





    The Susquehanna Township School District has developed the following policy statement in compliance with Article XI, Section 2, of the PIAA By-Laws, which reads as follows:


    Section 2:     Contests and Practices Limited to Six Days per Calendar Week during Regular season.


    No team representing any PIAA member school, no individual members or members of such team and no individual representing any PIAA member school, may practice or participate in any interscholastic athletic contest on more than six days in any calendar week during the regular season.


    Recognizing that Sunday has by tradition and custom been accepted as a day when families and individuals participate in non-work related activities, the Susquehanna Township School District has determined to maintain this day of the week as that on which no interscholastic athletic competitions or practices will be permitted. The only exceptions to this policy shall be limited to contests and/or championship events as scheduled by the Mid-Penn Conference, District III or PIAA governing bodies in consultation with the appropriate building principal and athletic director. The school district will not knowingly penalize any student nor jeopardize their position as a member of a school sanctioned team for absence due to a required religious observance or the fulfillment of an expected obligation.



    Approved by the School Board – March 9, 1992