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    Whenever a caseworker or foster parent attempts to enroll a child, the person should be told that the school district must follow a procedure required by the state prior to the child’s enrollment. The steps are outlined below:


    1.               The caseworker must present a copy of the court record assigning custody to the agency along with a letter on agency stationary placing the child with a particular Susquehanna Township family. That letter must include the name, current address, and school district of residence of the natural parent. A record of inoculations and the name, address, and telephone number of the last public school attended will be required also.


    2.               The caseworker should be informed that when he has the above documentation, he should contact the Director of Pupil Services or attendance supervisor at 657-5100 to make an appointment. The Director of Pupil Services will contact the previous school for information regarding recommended educational placement.


    3.               After the district has verified the foster placement, the caseworker must return to the building to complete the registration procedures required for all students. At that time the principal will request all previous school records, including permission to release psychological and special education records if they exist.


    4.               The Director of Pupil Services will provide the attendance supervisor and the building principal with copies of the court and agency documents. All 1305 children must be so identified on attendance records for reimbursement purposes.


    5.               When a foster child from any county other than Dauphin is presented for registration, that entire process must be referred to the Director of Pupil Services immediately. Difficult children are frequently sent to a new location because of disciplinary problems at their former home/school and many of them are socially or emotionally disturbed. If you allow them to be enrolled at your building without a prior determination that you have an appropriate placement, you may have to serve that student for an indefinite period until CAIU placement is available.




    Approved by the School Board – August 8, 1988