Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109

    Each year, a maximum of four (4) school age foreign exchange students sponsored by approved placement organizations (see definitions), shall be allowed to attend the Susquehanna Township Public Schools without the payment of tuition, but only after having met the following terms and conditions:
    1. The student be affiliated with an approved sponsoring organization that has traditionally made student placements in our schools (i.e. A.F.S. and E.F.).

    2. The sponsoring organization and/or host parent(s) must file a written request with the building principal by July 15th for non-tuition status for the exchange student for the ensuring academic year.

    3. The sponsoring organization and/or host parent(s) shall produce evidence of the following documents and/or information to the building principal:
    1. a copy of the exchange student’s application to the sponsoring organization.
    2. a personal statement from the host parent(s) indicating their willingness to assume responsibility for the exchange student during the length of the student’s program.
    3. the academic record of the exchange student from his/her previous school of attendance.
    4. a certificate of health (indicating appropriate vaccinations and immunizations).
    5. the names of the area representatives of the sponsoring organization, who will act as liaisons to the host  parent(s) and, if necessary, school officials.
    1. Based on a review of the documentation (outlined above) and an interview with representatives of the sponsoring organizations and/or the host parent(s), the principal will determine whether or not to recommend to the Superintendent that the student be accepted into the school. The building principal shall file, in writing, an approval or denial request with the Superintendent and the sponsoring organization and/or host parent(s) prior to August 1st.

    2. It shall be understood that upon receiving school board approval, the host parent(s) must assume all responsibility for the foreign exchange student as would be assumed by any other parent or guardian of a school-age child relative to school related expenses.

    3. The school board discourages non-affiliated foreign exchange students from attending district schools. Applications from non-affiliated foreign exchange students will be considered on an individual basis, but only after the applicants have followed the procedures outlined in numbers 2 and 3 of this policy.
    It should be noted that applications received form approved sponsoring organizations shall have preference over those received from non-affiliated foreign exchange applicants.
    Sponsoring Organization – a body formed and authorized by law to act in accordance with established guidelines relative to the placement, sponsorship and responsibility for participating students.
    Host Parent(s) – resident(s) of Susquehanna Township who has agreed to act as a guardian(s) for the foreign exchange student.
    Approved Placement Organization – an established sponsoring agency that has made previous foreign exchange student placements in district schools, with local representatives who serve as liaisons providing necessary support to the host parent(s) and the school administration when necessary.
    Approved by the School Board – June 26, 1989