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    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109





    I.                   DEFINITIONS


    The term “Anabolic Steroids” is defined as the controlled substances listed or to be listed by whatever official name, common or usual name, chemical name or designated trade name as classified in Section 4 (3) (vii) of the Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act, Act of April 14, 1972, P.L. 233, as amended, 35 P.S. 780-104 (3) (vii). This term shall not include Human Growth Hormone (HGH).


    The term “involved in a school related athletic activity” is defined as participation as a player, coach, assistant, trainer, manager, or cheerleader in any practice session, game, match, meet or tournament involving an interscholastic athletic team representing any school in the Susquehanna Township School District. The term also includes participation in any intramural athletic program operated by the Susquehanna Township School District.


    II.                PROHIBITION


    No pupil involved in a school-related athletic activity shall use anabolic steroids, whether with or without prescription, except for a valid medical purpose. For the purposes of this policy, body building, muscle enhancement, increasing muscle bulk or strength, or the enhancement of athletic ability is not a “valid medical purpose.”


    III.             PENALTIES


    Any pupil found in violation of this policy shall be penalized as follows:


    a.       Upon a first violation, suspension from school-related athletic activities for

      the remainder of the season;


    b.      For a second violation, suspension from school-related athletic activities for

     the remainder of the season and for the following season;


    c.       For a third violation, permanent suspension from school-related athletic



    In addition to the penalties set forth above, no pupil found in violation of this policy shall be eligible to resume participation in a school-related athletic activity unless he or she has provided medical evidence that there is no residual evidence or anabolic steroids in his or her body. Where appropriate, the Board may require participation in a drug counseling, rehabilitation, testing or other program as a condition of reinstatement into a school-related athletic activity.



    Approved by the School Board – June 25, 1990