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    Susquehanna Township School District is committed to ensuring the health and wellness of all students and recognizes the potentially life-threatening reactions to certain foods by some students. The identification of students with food allergies is of critical importance to the District. The following procedures will be followed to address the needs of students with food allergies:


    1.                Parents or guardians must notify the school principal, school nurse, classroom teacher, and food service director in writing of an allergy to any food or food product. 


    2.               The notification must be accompanied by a signed statement from the student’s physician and contain the following:


    ·         A listing of all foods or food products to which the student is allergic.

    ·         The severity of the allergy.

    ·         The specific signs and symptoms of the allergy.

    ·         The procedures that need to be followed in case of an allergic reaction or if the student accidentally comes in contact with or accidentally ingest a product. The procedures should include the student’s medication(s) if applicable.


    All of the above information must be renewed by the student’s physician at the beginning of each school year.

     The school will provide an appropriate place for the student to eat meals or snacks if so requested by the parent or physician.




    Approved by the School Board – September 22, 2003