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    The main purpose of the report card is to inform parents of the child’s progress or growth in all phases of development. This information, in turn, is intended to promote a mutual effort between the home and school toward guiding the child in a direction of optimal growth. 


    The present primary school report card, which is distributed four times throughout the school year, is just one way or one system of informing parents. Parent-teacher conferences and written communications are other ways that have proved helpful and are, therefore, strongly encouraged as supplemental practices. It should be pointed out that all systems of reporting have their disadvantages as well as advantages and since the report cared is not intended to be either an absolute or conclusive means of evaluation, a combination of all three systems will be the most informative.


    The present report card, in keeping with early childhood philosophy, indicates to parents/guardians that the child is or is not meeting expectations along with comments related to work habits and effort. The evaluation key is as follows:


                            4 - Consistently meets expectations

                            X does not meet expectations


    It should be emphasized that this marking system is both objective and subjective in its evaluation. It is one evaluation of a child’s progress as determined by teacher judgment and the results of educational measurements. And since we assume that each child is an individual and as such is given the opportunity to achieve successfully at his or her level of ability, evaluations are given according to the teacher’s assessment of what the student is doing. 


    The areas of art, music, physical education, health, science, social studies and library skills will be evaluated twice a year on the report card.


    It is important to be reminded that a report card is a system of communication. Only to the degree that it is understood by all teachers, parents and students – will it serve a meaningful purpose.




    Approved by the School Board – June 8, 1987

    Amended by the School Board – October 22, 1990

    Amended by the School Board – February 29, 2000