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The Board of Directors recognizes that enrollment in college level courses by high school students is in some instances educationally appropriate and beneficial. This policy establishes the criteria and guidelines for college course enrollment.


A.                A student who is a senior may enroll in a college course or courses for credit if the

student is enrolled in a high level program calling for a course not offered in the high school. A maximum of one (1) credit per semester of the senior year may be earned. Such student shall remain enrolled in the high school and shall attend five (5) complete class periods of which at least four (4) must be academic courses (48 minute classes – five (5) days a week). Such college course or courses must be taken during the regular school term. If the course or courses meet the foregoing criteria and are taken at HAAC, the Susquehanna Township School District will provide tuition sponsorship of the District’s one-third share.


B.                 A student who is a senior and has not accumulated the required number of credits to

graduate at the end of the school term may take college courses for up to two (2) high school credits upon prior approval of the course/courses by the high school principal. There will be no tuition sponsorship by the District.


C.                 A student not meeting the criteria set forth in A or B above, may take college courses

outside the regular school day, but no credit for such courses will be given and there will be no tuition sponsorship by the District.


D.                A student who is a senior may transfer to college for full-time enrollment if the student

satisfies the admissions criteria of the college and the District criteria and conditions as



(1)      A cumulative grade average of 89%, “B” (3.00) or above;

(2)      A combined PSAT (SAT, if available) score of 1060 or higher, or ACT-Composite

of 23 or higher;

(3)      A clear indication of ability to read at the 12th grade level as evidence by the high

school record and/or test scores;

(4)      The student will not be permitted to pursue developmental courses at a college

without specific permission granted by the high school principal. Any academic

course with a prefix number of O-level and designed to provide content normally expected to be found in a high school level course is considered developmental;

(5)      The student who makes application for admission to college must obtain three letters

in support of the application.


(a)      A letter from the student’s high school counselor recommending the student’s

acceptance for studies at college and clearly stating any requirements which the

student must meet in order to graduate with his/her high school class;


(b)      A letter from the high school principal recommending the student’s acceptance

for studies at college and providing the high school’s permission for his/her attendance at college;


(c)      A letter from the School District Superintendent giving the District’s permission

for the student’s attendance at college;


(d)     A student who is enrolled in a Vocational-Technical High School must receive

permission to attend college from the Director of the Vocational-Technical

School and from the high school principal.


(6)      If the student transfers to HACC, there will be no tuition sponsorship by the District.


(7)   A student who transfers to a college under this paragraph D, will be removed from

        the membership roll of the District and shall be ineligible to participate in extra-

        curricular activities of the District.


Approved by the School Board – June 8, 1987

Amended by the School Board – October 23, 1995