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    A professional standard of dress requires that staff members be readily distinguishable from students. Positive role modeling is a part of the employee’s professional responsibilities. These guidelines are designed to have employees project a professional image while taking advantage of more casual and relaxed clothing.


    The following guidelines were developed by the administrative team in consultation with representatives of the professional teaching staff. It is our collective belief that the employee maintain personal hygiene by being well groomed and appropriately attired and exemplify good habits of personal cleanliness. Research clearly indicates that attitude, dress and grooming of professional personnel serve a positive example to students.


    Attire for Regular School Days and Specified District Days *



                            PantsDress pants and Khakis, Chinos, or Dockers type pants are acceptable.  Inappropriate pants include
                                     jeans, shorts or sweat pants.

                            ShirtsPolo, golf, buttoned and/or collared shirts, pullover dress shirts are acceptable. Inappropriate shirts
                                     include T-shirts or muscle shirts.

                            Shoes: Flip flops and open sandals are not appropriate.



       Skirts or dressesMust be of a modest length. Skirts, or dresses that do not reach the tips of finger tips when
                       arms are extended below the waist are not to be worn.   Jeans, shorts or sweat pants are inappropriate. Capris
                       of appropriate length are acceptable.

         Pants: Dress pants, khakis or Dockers-type pants are acceptable. Inappropriate pants include blue jeans,
                       shorts or sweatpants. 

       ShirtsThe following is considered inappropriate: Low cut tops that expose cleavage, shirts and tops with low   
         cut backs. Spaghetti straps, midriff tops, tube tops, tank tops, transparent, or revealing clothing that expose
         personal body parts or attract undue attention.

    ShoesFlip flops are inappropriate.


    Casual Dress Days, Field Days, Spirit Days, Theme Days (activities conducted in the classroom)

               It is expected that the apparel will be casual, but not sloppy.

    Shorts, skirts, dresses must be of a modest length. Shorts, skirts or dresses that do not reach the tips of finger tips when arms are extended at the waist are not to be worn.

    Jeans may be worn provided they are not ripped or torn.

    T-shirts and sweat shirts are acceptable.

    Flip flops are not appropriate.

    Shorts of appropriate length for men (except sport shorts) are acceptable.



    Field Trip


                Dress is either professional or casual, depending on the activity.


    Physical Education, Athletes


                Physical Education teachers shall wear clothes that are appropriate for teaching physical

                education. Flip flops are inappropriate.

                Coaches who are assigned instructional responsibilities are expected to abide by the

                Guidelines for regular school days.


    General Guidelines For All Staff


                All clothing and shoes should be in good condition, clean and neat.

                The following items are considered inappropriate:

    ·         Extremely low-cut tops that expose cleavage

    ·         Spandex (ex. Running or biking shorts) is not allowed.

    ·         The stomach area must be covered at all times.

    ·         Underwear (boxers, thongs, panties, bra straps) may not be visible.

    If an item of clothing is deemed inappropriate, the employee will be given a verbal warning

    the first time and may be sent home to change clothes. Progressive disciplinary action, to be denoted in the form of a written warning, will be taken for further dress code violations.


    * Unless otherwise noted, district and building-level inservice days will accommodate a more relaxed

     form of attire for professional employees.


     Approved by the School Board – January 23, 2006