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The Susquehanna Township School District Board of Directors endorses the use of certain wireless devices by District personnel/employees in support of school safety, the general welfare of students, the instructional program, and efficient communication within the school.


The Board authorizes the Superintendent to enforce procedural guidelines to regulate the use of wireless devices by employees. The Superintendent may delegate responsibility for the enforcement of this policy to appropriate District or building level administrators.


Employees must use discretion in the use of these devices, to prevent unnecessary interruption to the instructional program.


Personal cell phones may be used to make delimited calls which are necessary for carrying out professional, personal or family obligations and responsibilities. It is understood that the calls will be limited in duration and should only occur during un-assigned periods. The un-assigned periods would include: lunch/dinner, scheduled breaks (for support staff); preparation time, lunch, and/or prior to student arrival and after student dismissal (for teachers).


At no time should calls be made in the presence of students, nor should they occur during assigned duties.


Staff members should never allow students to utilize their personal cell phones.


Personal cell phones must be concealed by staff members during assigned duties and must be turned off during duty assignments and all related meetings.


Personnel required to carry cell phones belonging to the District will be exempted from the requirements of this policy, but must follow the guidelines for use of District cell phones as implemented by the Business Manager.


The Board authorizes the Superintendent to grant specific exceptions to this policy when extenuating circumstances exist. The employee must have prior written approval by the Superintendent or building principal for an exception.


Approved by the School Board: October 23, 2006