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    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109





    1.      Teachers shall be responsible for the supervision, discipline, and instruction of students as assigned to them by the principal.


    2.      Teachers shall be responsible for completing written lesson plans following the district prescribed format, subject time allotments, and prescribed curriculum. Written plans should be maintained for several days in advance and kept accessible for substitutes and the observation process.


    3.      Teachers shall be responsible for monitoring and documenting student progress reporting academic failure to parents and utilizing the district Child Study / referral process.


    1. Teachers shall be responsible to the principal for the performance of all duties as are customarily performed by professional personnel, including but not limited to, the duties listed in the specific position job description.


    1. All arrangements for field trips, excursions, parties, or school activities must be approved by the principal and assistant superintendent before any announcement is made to the class or group of students.


    1. Teachers unable to report to duty because of personal illness or emergency shall notify the principal/designee at the earliest possible time. Absence for any reason, other than illness, must be approved by the immediate supervisor and superintendent.


    1. Teachers shall not leave their assigned classrooms except in extreme necessity. The principal should be informed immediately if it is necessary to leave a classroom as a teacher may be liable for negligence resulting in his/her absence from a classroom.


    1. Unless specifically excused, teachers shall attend all meetings called by the principal.


    1. Coaches and sponsors of activities shall remain in the building after games, practices, and rehearsals until all students have left the building.


    1. Teachers are responsible for the care of the rooms in which they teach and should report to the principal any damage or needed repairs.


    1. Students must not be sent on errands outside of the school during school hours.


    1. Teachers shall faithfully and punctually keep on appropriate form, all required statistics of assigned classes.


    1. No teacher, without permission of the principal, shall permit notices for commercial purposes to be given or read to students on school premises.


    1. List of names of students or parents shall not be taken form the records and distributed without permission of the principal.


    1. Confidential information concerning students should not be divulged without consent of the principal.


    1. No persons shall be permitted, during school hours, to canvas among teachers for money, donations, or to sell any product. 


    1. Collection of money from students for sale of articles by students or school personnel shall not be permitted without approval of the principal.


    1. Teachers shall be responsible for all textbooks, supplies, and school equipment provided by the Board for the use of students and teachers. The number of each textbook issued shall be recorded by the teacher upon issuance of the textbook. No replacement shall be issued until the lost textbook has been paid for or upon notification from the principal.


    1. All teachers are responsible not to leave valuables such as money, jewelry, etc., in the classrooms or in the school building after school hours. A safe is available in the principal’s office for the safe keeping of school monies.


    1. Because of Worker’s compensation it is important that any personal injury to teachers or other employees shall be reported promptly to the principal’s office.


    1. Teachers are not permitted to place purchase orders in the name of the school district without prior approval of the principal. The school district will not be responsible for personally ordered “on approval” items.


    1. The superintendent may require the professional employee to furnish a certificate from a physician or other practitioner for more than two (2) consecutive days of absence certifying that said professional employee was unable to perform his or her duties during the period of absence for which compensation is required to be paid under this section of the law.


    1. In the event of sickness or injury, professional employees shall be entitled to ten (10) days absence without loss of pay. Such leaves shall be cumulative from year to year.


    1. When the fire alarm sounds, each teacher shall direct the students under his/her supervision to the appropriate exit. The teacher shall make certain that all students have left the building and shall direct the students well away from the building.


    1. No teacher shall permit any student to drive a school-owned vehicle at any time.


    1. Public phones are available for students and teachers. School phones are not to be used for personal reasons.


    Approved by the School Board – January 11, 1980

    Amended by the School Board – June 8, 1987