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    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109





    To assure that students do not have more than one student teacher in a given subject during the school year, only one student teacher may be assigned to a cooperating teacher during the school term.


    Student teachers may be assigned to individual teachers pending approval of the cooperating teacher, building principal, and assistant superintendent. It is imperative that student teachers not assume responsibility of identification with any particular class or group of students. The cooperating teacher should assign the student teacher to a sequence of varied responsibilities involving all students assigned to the cooperating teacher and in all aspects of the educational program including grades, examinations, parental conferences, etc. and cannot delegate such responsibilities to a student teacher.


    Care must be taken to utilize the services of a student teacher to supplement rather than supplant the position of the cooperating teacher.


    Building principals are responsible to supervise the proper assignment and utilization of student teachers.


    In order that proper supervision is maintained and classroom techniques and management meets professional standards, it is imperative that the cooperating teacher devote considerable time tin the classroom while the student teacher is actually teaching.



    Approved by the School Board – March 26, 1968

    Amended by the School Board – June 8, 1987