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    The Board recognizes its responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy environment in District facilities. Additionally, the Board must meet requirements as stipulated by the District’s insurance carrier. Appliances in the classroom create potential safety hazards related to fire, overloading of electrical systems, injury to individuals and the attraction of insects and rodents.


    The Board authorizes the Superintendent to enforce guidelines to regulate the use of appliances by employees. The Superintendent may relegate responsibility for the enforcement of the policy to appropriate District or building level administrators.


    Appliances will not be allowed in the classrooms of the Susquehanna Township School District unless purchased by the District for use in accomplishing activities related to the educational program.


    Appliances may be approved for use on a temporary basis as required in the completion of a student project or as the result of an emergency situation that warrants the need for an extraneous appliance. The employee must have prior written approval from an administrator/supervisor in order to have an appliance in school on a temporary basis.


    Certain specified areas of each building will be designated for the placement of appliances; considering safety, cleanliness and the requirements of the insurance carrier.


    The school principal will provide the superintendent’s office with a list of all appliances located in the building, to include types and locations.



    Approved by the School Board: October 23, 2006