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    The Superintendent of Schools is charged with the responsibility of providing a continuous, objective and comprehensive program of communications with the public toward the goal of keeping the citizenry of the school district wholly informed on school affairs. Among the areas of school life to be publicized are: extra-curricular activities, accomplishments of students only as they relate to the school program, PTO activities, accomplishments of personnel and school board activities.


    Types of Media
    The following media shall be utilized regularly and consistently:
    Newspapers, radio, television, special bulletins, periodic newsletters, letters to parents on special topics and public meetings.

    Release of Information
    School Board publicity shall be issued by the district superintendent in cooperation with the president of the school board.

    Building principals may prepare and release publicity pertaining to their school building.

    Records are to be kept of communications with the public. All releases to the media from individual schools, central offices and school-related organizations are to be filed with the superintendent.

    Activities of School-Connected Groups
    Publicity efforts of school-connected groups, such as PTO, Touchdown Club, etc., should be aided by school offices to the extent of providing information and advice.

    Approved by the School Board - August 31, 1970

    Amended by the School Board - June 8, 1987