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    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109







    1. Residents may use recreation areas such as tennis courts at any time, providing they are being used in the proper manner.


    1. All licensed motor-driven vehicles must be parked in parking areas not on playing areas. No horses or ponies shall be ridden on school grounds ay any time and at no time will school grounds be used for racing or similar purposes by any vehicles or animals.


    1. Bicycles, wagons and other similar vehicles may be ridden on school macadam areas when area is clear of vehicles and when not interfering with scheduled activities or school programs. Mini-bikes or other motor-powered vehicles that are not licensed will not be permitted on school grounds.


    1. All ball playing, etc. should be done in proper area. Priority for the use of the baseball fields will be given to those organizations having approval from the School Board for their program.


    1. The use of school parking areas for personal parking of trucks or other vehicles, except in emergencies, will not be permitted.


    1. Anyone who is using school grounds for any purposes, except as stated above or whose behavior is detrimental in any way, in terms of moral standards or proper use of property, will be treated as a trespasser.


    1. Enforcement officers should give a warning to all persons not following above regulations, but if warning is not heeded, legal action should be taken. In cases of flagrant violation of above regulations, or if damage to property has occurred, the warning privilege should be waived. 




    Approved by the School Board -September 28, 1970

    Amended by the School Board -June 8, 1987