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    1. Concession Stand Committee

    The Susquehanna Township School District (“District”) hereby establishes the Concession Stand Committee, which shall be comprised of the District Athletic Director, a Chairperson of the Committee, who shall be elected from among the members of the Concession Stand Committee, and a member from each of the participating booster clubs as set forth in Item No.5 below. The Concession Stand Committee shall be responsible for the operation of the concession stands at Roscoe Warner Field, the high school gymnasium, the middle school outdoor sports facilities and any other sports facility utilized by a group supported by a booster club listed in No. 5 below (hereinafter referred to individually and collectively as “Concession Stand”). 


    1. Menu

    The Concession Stand Committee shall submit a proposed menu setting forth the kinds, quality, and prices of the food and beverages to be offered for sale to the District Athletic Director for approval. The products to be sold must be indicated by weight or content or other measure of quality. Any changes to the menu throughout the season must similarly receive prior approval from the District Athletic Director.


    1. Outside Vendors

    The Concession Stand Committee, prior to entering into contract with an outside vendor to sell food and beverages directly to the public, must receive the approval by the Board of School Directors. (The District has granted approval for utilization of an outside vendor to sell french fries.) Outside vendors must provide evidence of insurance covering liability for injury to persons and property arising out of their activities at a Concession Stand. 


    4. Costs of Operation

    The cost of all food, beverages and supplies shall be borne by the Concession Stand Committee to be paid out of the gross receipts from operation of the Concession Stand, and receipts from the french fry vendor and any other approved vendor. The following personnel cost allocations shall be made each year:


      1. Order Clerks (2): One for ordering food and one for ordering beverages and supplies for the Concession Stand $250 each shall be paid to the booster club designated by the Concession Stand Committee;


      1. Treasurer: For weekly and annual accounting of the gross receipts and expenses for food, beverages and supplies $250 shall be paid to the booster club designated by the Concession Stand Committee. This individual shall be bonded, the premium for which shall be paid by the Concession Stand Committee; and


    The net receipts after payment of the foregoing costs shall be distributed in accordance with Item number 5 below.


    5. Distribution of Net Proceeds

    The net proceeds from operation of the Concession Stands, and proceeds from the french fry vendor and any other approved vendor will be combined and distributed as follows:


    95% of the profits are equally divided among the booster clubs in item #5.




                            Field Hockey                                                


                            Track and Field & Cross Country               


                            Girls Basketball                                            



    The foregoing schedule of distribution can be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Concession Stand Committee. 


    All proceeds will be paid to the respective booster clubs at the conclusion of the fall, winter and spring seasons. Each booster club, shall commit to providing an equal number of volunteers to work in the Concession Stand in the same proportion as its share of the Distribution of  Proceeds. Booster clubs may be added only at the beginning of a school year. Booster clubs must submit their request to join the Concession Stand group for the upcoming school year to the District Athletic Director no later than August 1st. 


    6. Financial Records

    The seasonal and annual financial reports prepared by the designated Treasurer in accordance with number 4 above, shall be delivered to the Athletic Director and will be available upon request. The District has the right, but not the obligation, to audit the financial records maintained by each booster club which is a member of the  Concession Stand Committee.


    7. Booster Club Participation

    As a requirement to share in the distribution of proceeds in Item number 5 above, each booster club shall provide volunteers to serve in the Concession Stand. All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older, and members of that sport’s booster club. No students or children will be permitted to serve as volunteers in any concession stand. Each booster club shall provide the number of volunteers in the same proportion as its Distribution of Net Profits percentage. If a booster club fails to meet its staffing responsibilities it shall forfeit the right to receive its percentage distribution of the proceeds for that event or events and its percentage will then be distributed equally among the other booster clubs volunteering at that event. If a booster club fails to staff more than 26% of it s volunteer slots, it will not be eligible to participate in the concession stand for the following school year. 



    8. Sales Tax

    If, as a result of a change to the law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the sale of food and beverages at the events becomes subject to sales tax, the sales tax shall be collected and remitted to the Commonwealth by the Treasurer as part of its financial accounting requirements. The Concession Stand Committee shall insure that the contracts with outside vendors selling food and beverages require the vendor to collect and remit the Pennsylvania sales tax.


    9. Concession Stand Maintenance

    The District shall be responsible for maintenance of the Concession Stand and for acquisition and maintenance of equipment used in the operation of the Concession Stand, including utilities. The Concession Stand Committee shall not make any alterations or changes of any type to the Concession Stand nor add equipment without the prior written approval of the District.



    Approved by the School Board – August 23, 1999

    Amended by the School Board – August 27, 2001

    Amended by the School Board – December 22, 2008