• Welcome to Susquehanna Township School District’s Journey of HOPE page. HOPE means Hanna’s Organizational Performance Excellence. STSD is embarking on a journey to be a world class organization to provide a world class education for each of our learners. To achieve that high expectation, STSD is using a performance excellence framework called The Malcom Baldrige Framework for Performance Excellence.

    The Journey of HOPE, or HOPE as we refer to it, includes many facets and moving parts. STSD engages HOPE Teams, HOPE Notes, Hope in Action, and many others. We plan to continue the development of this page over time, so our team members, partners, community, and all other stakeholders can learn more about what we are doing in a very transparent way.

    Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you will learn more about us and how we are working towards world class at Susquehanna Township School District.