• As part of Susquehanna Township School District’s ongoing efforts to improve student attendance and tardiness, we have developed a new set of attendance and tardy procedures. These procedures include a communication piece that will keep you better informed of any attendance or tardy issues, and we hope will make it easier for you to keep us informed as well.

    The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires that all absences are counted as unexcused or unlawful until the School District receives a written excuse explaining the reason for the absence. If a written excuse is not received within three (3) days, the absence will be counted as unexcused or unlawful.
    In general, absences for the following reasons shall be excused:
    1. Illness/Health concerns

    2. Required court appearance
    3. Death in family
    4. Religious holidays and religious instruction
    5. Pre-approved educational trips

    Tardies for the following reasons shall be excused:
    1. Health Care Provider’s appointment (with Health Care Provider’s note)

    2. Religious reasons

    For any absence or tardy, we ask that you submit a written note to the building attendance secretary including the date of the absence/tardy and the reason for the absence/tardy. We will also accept an email to the building attendance secretary as long as the email comes from an email address that is listed as part of your contact information. (To update your email information, please call the attendance secretary at your child’s specific building.)