Attendance Policy

  • As part of Susquehanna Township School District’s ongoing efforts to improve student attendance and tardiness, we have developed a new set of attendance and tardy procedures. These procedures include a communication piece that will keep you better informed of any attendance or tardy issues, and we hope will make it easier for you to keep us informed as well.

    Attendance Secretary Contact Information 

    Sara Lindemuth/Anna Carter Primary School
    Angela Headen –
    (717) 657-5122 Ext 10302

    Thomas W. Holtzman Jr. Elementary School
    Stacy Leonhard -
    (717) 657-5158 Ext 20003

    Susquehanna Township Middle School
    Merideth Staudenmaier -
    (717) 657-5125 Ext 30107

    Susquehanna Township High School
    Julie Denniston -
    (717) 657-5117 Ext 40121