• Team Apollo:



     Thursday(11/15): Make sure you have any work that you owe me complete for tomorrow.

    Friday(11/16): Weekly Review #9, Extra practice(front and back), and Page 58

    Monday(11/19): Study Island

    Study Island Math Chapter 1 Assignment due November 20th



    Friday 11/09 - study research notes & continue researching your topic

    Monday 11/12 - No School - study nouns

    Tuesday 11/13 - Introduction & Hook of an Informational Essay

    Wednesday 11/14 - Study nouns (quiz tomorrow)

    Thursday 11/15 - Graphic Organizer

    Friday 11/16 - Draft body paragraphs and conclusion

    Monday 11/19 - Write rough draft of informational essay

    Tuesday 11/20 - Revise and edit rough draft of informational essay

    Unit 2 Week 2 Spelling Test will be given in Spelling City on Monday, November 19

    Noun Quiz Study Guide - Quiz on November 15

    Informational Essay due Wednesday, November 28



    None.  Unless you need to work  on your Prezi.  Presentations begin Thursday.  Login to Prezi.com with your email address and password (your password should be your planet name + 148 if you followed directions ex. Saturn148).

    Social Studies

    Social Studies: Week of 11/19-11/20

    11/19: What's For Lunch Lawmaking Simulation- Finish What's For Lunch Review quiz if necessary

    11/20-LawCraft- No Homework

    Please note that all reading quizzes are completed online and are checked one week from the day they are assigned.






    Tuesday-Thursday: Nonfiction Main Idea and Key Details work in class. 

    Quiz wil be Friday on both vocabulary and finding the main idea and key details in a text. 

    Vocab and Notes in PPT Here - Nonfiction Intro Vocab and Terms PPT

    Quiz on Vocabulary will occur 11.16.18 

    Quizlet - https://quizlet.com/_5kb0xl


    Extra Credit Nonfiction Packet due 11.20.18


    Book reports are due 12/14/18 ** The Book Report has been pushed back to a later due date since students did not have access to library books during the Book Fair :) 

    Nonfiction Book Report Form