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Safe2Say Something Anonymous Reporting System


Safe2Say Something


As a school system, we are committed to creating and sustaining a comprehensive, coordinated effort to improve the overall safety and well-being of our students, educators and administrators. To do this, we believe this must involve community-wide programs and initiatives involving parents, teachers, administrators, local law enforcement, mental health & wellness professionals and elected officials to take meaningful action to protect our students.


I am happy to announce the launch of the “Safe2Say Something” (S2SS) anonymous reporting system. This program is being provided through Sandy Hook Promise (SHP), a nation-wide non-profit organization, and operated by the Office of the Attorney General. S2SS is mandated under PA state law / Act 44 and teaches students, teachers, and administrators how to recognize warning signs and signals of individuals who may be a threat to themselves or others and Say Something to a trusted adult OR use its anonymous reporting system. Specifically, the program educates participants to:


• Recognize the signs and signals of at-risk behaviors – especially within social media
• Take every sign and signal seriously; act quickly to get help by talking to a trusted adult OR
• Report it anonymously through the S2SS Office of the Attorney General 24/7 Crisis Center, mobile app, or website


As you know, most conversations are taking place on social media, therefore it is critical that we teach our students to be looking out for one another as these digital conversations are taking place. S2SS teaches them what to look for in text, video and photos while empowering them to act quickly to help a fellow student. Please take a moment and review the attached S2SS presentation for details on the program.


All students in grades 6-12 will receive this training during the week of February 4th. Counselors and members of the school’s SAP (student assistance program) will be onsite to provide assistance to students as needed. Thank you for your support and cooperation as we work to implement S2SS and ensure that we are providing a safe and secure learning environment for all students. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the district office at (717)657-5100.



Tamara Willis, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools