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High School One-to-One Information

Hello everyone,
Here you will find information related to our High School's One-to-One Computing program.  Freshman and newly enrolled students are encouraged to check out this short video (about 10 min. long).
For returning students in grades 10, 11, and 12, the video can serve as a refresher. 
Students' first homework assignment with their laptops will be to review with a parent or guardian the One-to-One Laptop Manual, One-to-One FAQs, and Acceptable Use Policy, all linked below, and complete an online acknowledgement and agreement to the terms of the laptop loan program. Students will receive these documents and link to the online agreement through their school-issued email.  A paper copy of the Loan Agreement is available below for printout.  Paper copies should be turned in to the high school main office, however, you are encouraged to complete the form online through student email.
Please review the below documents before acknowledging the Laptop Loan Agreement emailed to your child:
3. Laptop Loan Agreement (Printable version)
Failure to agree to the terms of this Loan Agreement will result in deactivation of your child's laptop and user account.
Thank you for taking the time to review this information.
High School Administration and Technology Department