Status of Lawsuits

STSD Statement Regarding the Status of Lawsuits related to Dr. Kegerise

 As of April 26, 2018


PA Supreme Court Decision

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has issued an Opinion upholding the Susquehanna Township School District’s action of accepting the resignation of its former superintendent Dr. Susan Kegerise.  The Supreme Court determined that Dr. Kegerise’s federal lawsuit claiming constructive discharge was notice that she had resigned from her position of superintendent.  Thus, the Supreme Court has reversed the Order of Commonwealth Court, which had directed the District to return Dr. Kegerise to the superintendent position after she had resigned that position. 

Board President, John Dietrich, observed that, “The Board believed that it acted properly through the pendency of this matter and its belief has finally been vindicated by the Supreme Court.”  The District was represented by Attorneys Michael McAuliffe Miller and Kevin Skjoldal of Eckert Seamans, LLC and Attorney Jeff Engle of Shaffer and Engle.

Because litigation with Dr. Kegerise remains ongoing in federal court, the District will have no further comment at this time.