• Personal Taxes
    The Susquehanna Township School District levies the following personal taxes.  Personal taxes are billed in early July.  Tax bills are for both School and Township personal taxes.  The taxes on this bill for the school district include the following:
    Per Capita Tax     $5.00
    Resident Tax        $5.00
    Occupation Tax    $270.00
    These taxes are collected by J.P. Harris & Associates.  They can be reached (717)-766-4099, for specific questions on payment of personal taxes.  The school district also receives five dollars of the fifty-two dollar emergency and medical services tax.  Ordinarily this tax is withheld by your employer.
    The following are circumstances under which an individual may be exonerated from the personal taxes.  A copy of the exoneration form is available here.
    • Under the age of 18
    • Income of less than $5,000
    • Legally disabled persons
    • Institutionalized persons
    • Students over age 18, enrolled full-time in a post secondary education program