Document Converters
     If you have a word document that you don't want people to be able to edit, or if you have a PDF that you would like to edit, these are the two tools for you.
     DOC to PDF Converter  PDF to DOC
    Web 2.0 Tools
     Software or applications that are web based. These are great tools for class projects.
    Social Bookmarking tool that connects people to your favorite educational sites via tags that organize them. 
    Easily create a video using your own or the    supplied: images, video, music, and transitions. Great for student presentations.
    Create a Blog where you present information and have the option of allowing people to leave comments. 
    Screencasting program that can be used to create things like tutorials.
    This site allows you to create your own social network; consider using this as a private social network with your students.
    Create word searches, cryptograms, math squares, and other types of puzzles. 
    Need to create a rubric for a project? Rubistar will do all the work for you. 
     Survey Monkey
    Need a fast and easy way to create a survey? Sign up for SurveyMonkey. Surveys can be completed online, or you can print out paper versions. 
    Turns any given text into a word cloud then picks out the most common words and give them prominence by increasing their size. 
    Looking to edit audio? This is a great free downloadable tool that will help you creat music mixes, podcasts, etc.