Seniors can request their transcript at, instead of coming to the Counseling Center to complete a paper request form.  Once students get to the website, they can quickly and easily create an account and start requesting transcripts right away!
    Underclassmen and prior graduates can also request their transcript through parchment, for a fee. Otherwise, you can contact Ms. Plott in the Counseling Center, via email at or via phone at 717-657-5117 ext 40117, to provide you with a copy at no cost. 
    The benefits of an online transcript request include:
    • Convienence for Students - Requests can be made right from the home computer without having to miss class to go to the Counseling Center

    • Faster Service - Parchment immediately notifies the Counseling Center of the transcript request and transcripts can be processed within 48 hours

    • Easy Tracking - Students can follow, via Parchment, exactly where their transcript is in the process

    • More Secure Delivery - Since transcripts are sent electronically they go directly into the student's file at college, there is no chance of a paper transcript getting misplaced or lost in the mail

    • Good for the Environment - Using electronic transcripts will save hundreds of pieces of paper that were used to print out paper transcripts in the past


    The Parchment platform has helped millions of people and thousands of schools and universities to exchange more than 12 million transcripts and other credentials globally.  Parchment is powered by a team of experienced education and technology professionals who have first-hand experience serving students as registrars, admissions officers, teachers and engineers. They are passionate about helping people use their education to achieve their full potential.  In a knowledge economy where opportunities are defined by what you know and how well you know it, let Parchment help you turn your credentials into opportunities.


    **Please note that high school transcripts always include your PSAT, SAT, ACT & Keystone Scores, unless you specifically request they not be sent.  The high school must send all of your scores or none of your scores, we do not have the ability to choose which scores are sent.  If you wish to choose which scores are sent, notify Ms. Plott that you do not want your test scores sent with your transcript and then you will have to notify either the College Board (for SAT) or the ACT to request which of your scores you wish to send.  There will be a charge from the College Board and the ACT to send your scores.


    Letters of Recommendation


    Letters of recommendation are required by some colleges and, if not required, can still enhance your academic transcript.  A letter of recommendation can come from any adult that is not related to you (a few examples are your counselor, teachers, a clergy person, your employer, your coach, etc.).  It is a very good idea to give the person you are requesting a letter from an academic resume so they can reference various areas of your life.  Click HERE for a sample academic resume but remember that this is only a sample, be sure to customize your academic resume to your own life!


    SAT/ACT Scores


    Your SAT & ACT scores are a part of your high school transcript, however, some colleges require that you send these scores direcly from the testing center; this is called an "Official" SAT or ACT score.  To order SAT scores, go to ; to order ACT scores, go to www.actstudent.orgYou needn't do anything special to have your scores sent along with your high school transcript, they will go automatically.


    Additional Information


    If you have any additional information you would like sent along with your high school transcript (for example, some colleges have their own counselor and teacher recommendation forms) you can submit them to Ms. Plott in the Counseling Center and they will be sent along with your transcript to your college(s) of choice.

    To request a copy of an official or unofficial transcript for scholarships or just to have for yourself, please see Ms. Plott in the Counseling Center, they will be prepared for you to pick up within one business day.