Susquehanna Township High School - Mr. Jones


    The Mass Media course is designed to expose students to a variety of mass media skills and opportunities.  Mass Media is run in conjunction with the morning announcement program, WHIP TV 5.  Students will be working on videos, announcements, and commercials in order to make that program successful and communicate to the student population.  Students will also be exposed to and learn how to properly film, edit using Adobe Premiere, create and write scripts, storyboards, and audio clips, work within a group to successfully complete projects, and think critically and creatively.  Leaving this class, students will have skills that will be useful in many fields including communication, journalism, business, film and video production, etc.


    Technology Use

                   While this class is rooted in using technology (computers, cameras, etc.) cell phone and headphone use will not be permitted during instructional days.  Studies are showing a significant loss in retention among students who are regularly on their electronic devices.  I want the best for my students and this means all electronic distractions will be put away.



    Over the year, students will:

    • Learn writing skills and gain experience writing many different kinds of scripts, broadcasts, and movie ideas
    • Write scripts and storyboards.
    • Choose their own video topics for projects as well as complete pieces assigned by the instructor, administration, and/or WHIP TV 5 staff.
    • Meet Deadlines.
    • Work collaboratively as part of a videography group and gain experience in a variety of leadership and support roles – personality, editor, videographer, etc.
    • Research and investigate a number and variety of topics.
    • Explore and become proficient in editing using Adobe Premiere.
    • Evaluate and critique their own videos and projects as part of a continuing process of improving our video skills.


    Materials Needed

    • Microsoft OneNote
    • Writing Utensil
    • Notebook



    Final course grades are based on:

    • Written work, including all stages of the writing process: planning, research, interviewing, writing, editing, revising, etc.
    • Involvement within each and every project.
    • Active participation and involvement in the production of videos
    • Adherence to deadlines. 


    Teacher Contact

    It is essential that we work together as a team. I am available for individual or group work and conferences. Please keep in touch with me and I’ll do the same. Email me at DJones@hannasd.org