• First Grade Classroom Guidance Topics

    Lessons are generally provided in this order, but may vary based on classroom needs

    FEELINGS- The students reflect how they feel about certain things by completing smiley faces. Then we read about different feelings in the book A-Z Do You Feel Like Me?

    **Many first grade classrooms also learn how to use a Stop sign to refocus in the classroom- this is by teacher request.

    SUPER POWER- We learn about our Super Power- using your voice to stand up for yourself. We also talk about Bully behavior- what it is and what it is and what it isn't. Bully behavior is repeated by the same person, is intended to hurt and there is a power difference (either physical or social).

    BUG AND A WISH- Students learn how to use a bug and a wish when someone is bothering them. "It bugs me when __________ I wish ______________"

    CAREERS- We read the book Snowmen at Work and discussed different careers

    BUG AND A WISH 2-  Students practice using a bug and wish with partners

    SCHOOL WIDE COOPERATION- Students met with another class in the cafeteria to complete a project

    UPSTANDER- Students learn how to use their superpower to stand up for someone else if they see teasing happening


    Many First grade teachers sign up for additional classroom lessons throughout the year I use a variety of experiential activities to help to solidify all of the skills that students have learned. Ask your child what they did in classroom guidance- it is usually fun, but we learn so much about how to get along with others and work in large and small groups.