• Creative Writing (18/19)


    Susquehanna Township HS - Mr. Jones


    The Creative Writing course is designed to teach style and voice to students interested in fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. The class will produce a number of publications throughout the year that will capture different elements of writing.  Above all, Creative Writing is a writing course and it is expected that students will leave the course with writing and publishing skills that will enhance their own desires to write and become future authors. Students will find and enhance their own voice and style throughout the course, and will leave with a better understanding of themselves as writers.



                Unit 1: Creative Process and the Writer’s Voice

                Unit 2: Reading Critically to Write

                Unit 3: Exploring Fiction

                Unit 4: Word off the Page: Audio and Visual Writing

                Unit 5: Writing about Reality: Non-fiction



                Cell phones and headphones are not permitted to be used during class time.  Studies are showing that cell phone use leads to loss of retention.  I want all of my students to walk away from the class having bettered themselves in the best way possible.



    Over the course, students will:

    • Engage in the writing process by writing daily in a journal
    • Reflect on their own writing and establish goals for growth and improvement
    • Use strategies such as graphic organizers and outlines to plan and write drafts according to the intended message, audience, and purpose for writing
    • Evaluate the impact of tone, word choice, style, content, point of view, literary elements, and figurative language
    • Demonstrate personal style and voice effectively to support the purpose and engage the audience of a piece of writing
    • Study various difference types of writing including poetry, short story, autobiography, novel, etc.
    • Be able to identify various elements of writing including plot, tone, voice, theme, character, etc.
    • Evaluate and critique their own publication, printed publications, and other class mates publications
    • Read at least 1 novel per marking period



    • Office 365 (OneNote)
    • Writing Utensil
    • Notebook



    Final course grades are based on:

    • Published and unpublished written work, including all stages of the writing process: planning, research, interviewing, writing, editing, revising, etc.
    • Development of desktop publishing/layout skills.
    • Active participation and involvement the writing process, including class discussions
    • Tests and quizzes
    • Adherence to deadlines.
    • Free writes



    Teacher Contact

    It is essential that we work together as a team. I am available for individual or group work and conferences. Please keep in touch with me and I’ll do the same. Email me at DJones@hannasd.org