• Keystone Graduation Requirements

    Classes of 2018 and 2019

    1. Students must take each of the three Keystone Exams; Algebra 1, Biology, and Literature. (STSD graduation requirement)
    2. For each Keystone Exam on which a student scores below proficient, they must:
      • Meet with faculty to review overall progress across CDT subtests and set performance goals.
      • Participate in Keystone Remediation through Study Island, and summer programming. Summer programming is required after the second attempt to pass the exam.
    3. Students cannot retake a Keystone exam without being offered supplemental instruction. (STSD local graduation requirement). STSD will utilize web-based remediation to provide supplemental instruction.

    *Please note: Starting with the graduating classes of 2017 and beyond, the Keystone score will be indicated on students’ transcripts.


    Classes of 2020 and Beyond

    1. Students must take each of the three Keystone Exams; Algebra 1, Biology, and Literature. (PA and STSD graduation requirement)
    2. If a student scores below proficient on a Keystone Exam, they will need to take and pass the corresponding Project Based Assessment (PA and STSD graduation requirement).
    3. Students may not retake a Keystone exam without first completing supplemental instruction. (PA and STSD graduation requirement)

    On February 3, 2016, Governor Wolf signed Senate Bill 880 into law. In addition to delaying the use of Keystone Exams or the Project Based Assessments as graduation requirements until the 2019-2020 school year, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has been charged with the following:

    Implement alternative methods for students to demonstrate proficiency for graduation in addition to the Keystone Exams, Project Based Assessment and other alternative assessments provided for in 22 Pa. Code § 4.24.

    • Improve and expedite the evaluation of Project Based Assessments.
    • Ensure that no student is prohibited from participation in vocational-technical education or elective courses or programs as a result of supplemental instruction as required in § 22 Pa. Code §§ 4.24 (k) and 4.51B (f).

    To provide direction to LEAs, PDE provides the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to clarify the implications of SB 880.  Questions may be directed to Jean Inskip, at



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    Pennsylvania Keystone Exams Information for Parents or Guardians