•  STSD Mission

    Susquehanna Township School Board Goals

    September 2017 - September 2018

    The Board of Directors is strongly committed to the district's

    mission, vision, core values and strategic and comprehensive plans.


    Our Mission

    The Success of Every Learner.

    Our Vision

    World Class.  Every Day.  In Every Way.

    Core Values

    Every learner deserves a world class education.

    We will be a leader in innovation and technology.

    The learning environment must be safe and supportive.

    Our diversity is our strength.

    Community partnerships are vital to our success.

    We will act ethically at all levels of the organization.


    To that end, the board has adopted five goals to guide its work:


    1.  Provide support of a world class education within a safe and supportive environment through the demonstration of ethical leadership by involving all stakeholders in developing STSD's goals and openly discuss administration's recommendation.
    2. Support the development, recruitment and retention of a diverse and world class professional staff that mirrors the community and develop consistent programming and policies that support cultural acceptance and awareness.
    3. Identify board professional development needs and increase the skills of and participation by every board member through training opportunities, active involvement in committee work and annual board retreats.
    4. Strengthen community engagement among students, staff, alumni, taxpayers, businesses and partners to understand and advance our mission, vision and values as well as enhance the sense of community throughout the district.
    5. Assure that the standards aligned curricula improves the performance of our diverse populations including at-risk students and support systems are in place to address any identified deficient areas.