• SOAR Behavior Norms

    In order to fulfill our core value of providing a safe and supportive learning environment to ensure our mission: The Success of Every Learner, we will implement a systematic approach that establishes shared norms for acceptable behavior; builds positive relationships; provides clear expectations; and, engages all students, parents, team members and stakeholders.

    Guiding Principles – SOAR
    Safety ~ Ownership ~ Accountability ~ Respect

    SOAR is the basis for the District’s Student Success Manual. By the time each student has completed their education in the STSD, they will have experienced comprehensive lessons that focus on social and emotional learning (SEL), the expectations of how to behave in various situations, and the District’s expectations for appropriate behaviors in the classroom. Staff members will also receive comprehensive training on topics that include forming healthy relationships, collaborating effectively, managing stress and conflict, pursuing ethical solutions to problems, advocating for students and themselves, and empathizing with others.

    The most important step is to identify and teach shared norms, which are the expected behaviors for students, staff and parents. SOAR will be used to implement the District’s positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS). PBIS and SEL will be used to deliver explicit instruction and modeling to teach the aspects of SOAR and the shared norms.

SOAR Behavior Norm Files