Concussion Information

  • IMPACT testing is a computer software program used to determine a baseline reference point in relation to long/short term memory, reaction and reflex, and cognitive recognition specific to the individual student-athlete.  This is not an IQ test.

    If a student-athlete receives a concussion during their sport season, they are retested using a post concussion test.  These post-concussion tests are then compared to the baseline test to help the medical staff determine the severity and location of the injury to the brain, as well as to help determine when it is safe for the student-athlete to return to play. 

    This program is NOT the only means used to return the student-athlete to participation, but it does provide invaluable graphs, ratios, and comparisons to educate/inform the parents, student-athletes, coaches and treating physicians and the Athletic Trainer. 

    IMPACT testing is mandatory for student participation.  Any student-athlete that is required to take the baseline will NOTbe permitted to try-out, practice, or compete until the baseline test is taken.

    IMPACT testing is mandatory for student-athletes in grades 9 thru 12 in the following sports: Football, Field Hockey, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Wrestling, Boys Soccer and Girls Soccer.  

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