• Yearbook Syllabus


    Mr. Duane Jones – Yearbook Adviser

    Room: 110  Email: djones@hannasd.org  GroupMe: Yearbook 2019


    Course Description:

    Yearbook is a production-based class that creates the Sisku-Hanne yearbook.  We are entering into our eighty fifth publication. The staff is solely responsible for the content, design, layout and selling of the book.  The benefit of this class is that students learn how to manage a full-scale, full-budget production that involves innovating, creating, editing, enhancing, advertising, selling, and distributing our very own book.


    Course Objectives

    • Learn and demonstrate journalistic principles
    • Develop the concept of the yearbook
    • Understand how a yearbook theme keeps consistency and flow within the yearbook.
    • Learn to use the http://yearbookavenue.jostens.com design site.
    • Meet original deadlines
    • Deliver the yearbook to the staff and students on time




    Notebook, Folder

    Pen or Pencil


    Balfour StudioWorks



    While completing this course, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in the following areas:

    • Interviewing/Factual researching
    • Interpersonal communication
    • Legal/Ethical media issues
    • Meeting production deadlines
    • Photography principles and/or practice
    • Headline/caption writing
    • Knowledge of current events
    • Balfour studio.balfour.com



    Students enrolled in yearbook are expected to participate fully during class, as many learning activities and stories will be due before the end of the class period. Time outside of class will be required for interviewing, reporting and shooting at various school and community-related events. In addition, students will be expected to perform on every page or photo assignment using the highest ethical and legal standards for publication.


    Make-up/Late Work & Deadlines:

    All non-deadline (spreads) make-up work for excused absences must be completed in a timely manner.  There is no make up work for UNexcused absences and all work missed will earn a zero. Students are responsible for getting their own make-up work.  Students will have one class period per one day of excused absence to hand in work assigned during the time absent. Late class work will not be accepted. Assignments are due at the beginning of the class period. 

    Publication deadlines and timeliness are essential components of yearbook. Consequently, if you miss your deadlines, you will receive a poor grade. Because our yearbook is directly tied to specific deadlines set by our publisher, any single- or double-page spread or related assignment that fails to meet deadline will only be eligible for half credit. Any spread that is not complete by the second class after deadline will receive no credit at all.

    Plagiarism/using non-legitimate sources or fact-gathering practices:

    Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Students in yearbook are required to submit their own work and cite their sources. This means interviewing sources one-on-one in person, or if that is not possible, via a phone call. Interviews using e-mail, Facebook, or any other non-live sources are not considered legitimate sources to use for quotation purposes for publication. (The exception is using an e-mail or website information area that—for example—relays factual/statistical information for use in a story, such as a scoreboard or stats for a sports team from a coach, the number of tickets sold for a dance from the financial secretary, etc.) In addition, we can’t use any images that we haven’t taken ourselves or that our photographers haven’t taken for us. We may manipulate copyrighted images but only under fair use guidelines. Any student caught plagiarizing, manufacturing quotes, fabricating facts and/or using non-legitimate sources/fact- gathering practices will receive a grade of “F/0” for the assignment.



    Your grade will be determined by the following categories.

    Spreads: Spreads will be assigned throughout each semester. Because our yearbook is directly tied to specific deadlines set by our publisher, any spread that fails to meet deadline will only be eligible for half credit. Any spread that is not complete by the second class after deadline will receive no credit and can be reassigned. Missing deadlines are extremely costly for the yearbook and that’s why deadlines become imperative.

    Participation: Production of the yearbook is a team effort. Without everyone’s participation, we will not be able to turn out a quality book on time. Your participation grade will be determined by both the teacher and your editors and is based on overall participation; however, the teacher will have the final say in your participation grade.  Participation will also be dictated by coverage of events.  You will need to photograph 75 pictures per coverage in order to receive credit.  Failing to complete 10 of these a semester will result in losing a letter grade.

    Classwork: Class work is heavier in the 1Q and then tapers off once the book is in full production. 


    90%-100% A         80%-89% B           70%-79% C            60%-69% D           0%-59% F


    Special Notice: This is a production class. Work must be drafted, edited, revised, and simply perfected, before each deadline, otherwise you will earn a failing grade. This isn’t like any class you’ve taken, and the accountability is much higher. The plus side is that you’ll be far more ready for the real world as a result.


    Yearbook Syllabus Agreement: I have read, I understand, and I agree to the terms outlined in this syllabus, including the Staff Contract. I have read and initialed/signed the Staff Contract, based on the privileges/equipment usage my parents/guardians wish me to have. I agree to meet all deadlines and complete all assigned work to the best of my ability. I understand that, at times, I will be required to work outside of class (including nights and weekends) to meet the academic and performance requirements of Yearbook.



    __________________________________________________                   ________________________________________________

    Student Signature & Date                                                        Parent or Guardian Signature & Date


    Mr. Duane Jones, ADVISER

    The yearbook publication is unlike any other class on campus.  Because we have the tremendous responsibility of preserving the memories of high school for every student who goes to our school, we have got to have an extraordinary team and a fair and firm set of rules.  Each staffer and his/her parents must read and sign this contract.  Staffers initial in the space provided and return it to the adviser.

    For Staff to Initial:

    _____1.  I understand the importance and cost of publication equipment and supplies and agree to use care when using all equipment.  Should I neglect or abuse equipment, I will pay for repair or replacement.

    _____2.  I understand that I will be asked to run errands, take photos, do interviews, etc. on campus during the class period assigned for yearbook, during lunch, and before and after school.  I commit to being where I am supposed to be and doing what I am supposed to be doing at all times.

    _____3.  I understand that I am responsible for learning all aspects of yearbook publication.  I will pay attention to instruction, take good notes and apply what I have learned in class to my yearbook assignments.  I will get help if I am not sure what to do BEFORE I get behind.

    _____4.  I understand that my course grade will be based on the quality of my work, my participation in all yearbook activities (including outside of class) and my timeliness at meeting deadlines.

    _____5.  I understand that my attendance is vital to the work of yearbook publication.  In the event that I must be absent, I will promptly make up any work, even if it means that I must work outside of class time.  I will also notify my team and the adviser (by email, if possible) of my absence.

    _____6.  I understand that it will be necessary for me to work outside of class time (before school, during lunch, after school) to complete yearbook production.  I will make necessary arrangements to do so.

    _____7.  I will meet all deadlines assigned to me, and will communicate immediately to the adviser and/or editors if circumstances beyond my control (i.e. inclement weather, cancellation of an event, failure of another staff member to complete his/her assignment, etc.) prevents my assignment from being completed.

    Student Signature:___________________________________            Date:____________________


    Parent Signature: ____________________________________            Date:____________________