Transportation Rules

    In order to fulfill our core value of providing a safe and supportive learning environment to ensure our mission: The Success of Every Learner, the district is implementing a systematic approach that establishes shared norms for acceptable behavior; builds positive relationships; and, provides clear expectations. SOAR (Safety, Ownership, Accountability, and Respect) is the basis for the district’s Student Success Manual (Code of Conduct) and focuses on the expectations of how to behave in various situations and the district’s expectations for appropriate behaviors.

    The school district policy that governs student behaviors on school buses has been revised to align with SOAR and the shared norms: “The drivers of all school buses or other vehicles transporting public or non-public students will fill out bus conduct reports on … students who are violating the rules of proper bus behavior … which will be signed by the driver and submitted to the administrator of the school. Copies of the report will be distributed to the parents … and will indicate the violations as well as the actions taken … 

    STSD Behavior Procedures for Level I and Level II Behaviors:

    1. First discipline report - warning; repeated Level I behaviors may result in disciplinary action.
    2. Second discipline report - 1 day suspension of bus privileges.
    3. Third discipline report - 5 day suspension of bus privileges.
    4. Fourth discipline report - 10 day suspension of bus privileges.
    5. Fifth discipline report - removal from bus for the balance of the school term.
    6. Fighting on the bus - AUTOMATIC suspension of bus privilege for a minimum of 5 days.

    STSD Behavior Procedures for Level III Behaviors:
    Building administrators will determine the consequences associated with all Level III behaviors based on the nature of the behavior and provisions within the Student Success Manual and school board discipline policy.

    As a district, we are committed to providing safe and reliable transportation to and from school and will enforce the school board discipline policy and Student Success Manual as written. We appreciate your support as we work to ensure all of our students enjoy safe transportation. Please let us know your concerns and also tell us how we are doing on our HANNA Hotline, available by visiting


    Tamara Willis, Ph.D.