On Wednesday, February19, 2020, we will be presenting our Living Blacks in Wax Museum to all parents.  We will begin construction of our Museum on Tuesday, January 14th.  We will work on most of this project in school, but your student will be required to work on some of it at home as well. To complete the project, students will research an African American who has made a significant contribution to society.  Each museum exhibit will include a living wax figure (the student), a hands-on activity, and a trifold display board.  During this event, students will dress up like the person they researched and recite their autobiography.



    The following is the rubric for the overall grade of the research project.



    Completed graphic organizer




    Hands-on Activity


    Display Board


    Oral Presentation


    Notes on Peers





    Project Requirements


    Autobiography: In a one paged paper with double spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font, students will answer the following questions:                                   

    1. Where were you born, when, and to what parents? Do you have any siblings?
    2. What was your life like? Summarize your life including the beginning, middle and end. Also include your hardships and key contributions to American society.
    3. What are your admirable qualities, key character traits, or notable behaviors.
    4. How might society be different if you were never born?
    5. When and where did you die and how are you remembered? If still alive, how might you be remembered?


    Rough Due on Jan. 27th                                            Final Copy Due on Feb. 3rd


    Choose ONE hands-on activity:

    Your choice must be approved by your teacher before Friday, January 21st                                             Completed Project Due on Feb. 14th


    1. Create a brochure of 5 key life events (ex: born, married, invention/ contribution, hardships, death) Brochure must include at least 3 pictures
    2. Make a diorama depicting a key life event (ex: Madame C.J.Walker mixing chemicals to make her hair cream)
    1. Create a 3-D artifact to represent an accomplishment or achievement of your person (ex: A Golden Globe for Oprah Winfrey)


    Oral Presentation:  During school Feb. 19th-20th


    1. Dress up like your famous person
    2. Talk for approximately one and a half minutes on your life
    3. Use good posture, eye contact, and appropriate gestures
    4. Be accurate in your details


    Science display board (Tri-fold): Your board must be neat, organized, and attractively decorated.  It should include the following items:


    • Autobiography of person’s life using the information from your graphic organizer.                                  

    Graphic organizer due on January 21st.

    Rough draft due on January 27th.

    Final Copy due on Feb. 3rd   


    • A “headshot” illustration: draw a picture of your person’s face from the shoulders up; this should be on printer-size (8.5 x 11) white paper. Must be HAND-DRAWN. Headshot due on Feb 10th


    • Top Five List: This is a list of the top five things in your person’s life. These are the things you found most important or most interesting in their life when doing research. It can include trivia type facts. These ideas may (and probably will be) already in your essay. This is just a quick list for people to see easily. This should be typed. Remember lists use bullets (like on this paper) and should skip a line between each fact.  Top Five List due on Feb 3rd


    • Lessons Learned: As you researched this person what lesson or lessons did you learn from them. Remember a lesson is not WHAT they did. A lesson is something like: always try your best, you can overcome any obstacle if you work hard enough, or you don’t have to be the best student to do something wonderful in life. Make sure to show “evidence” of this lesson (just like you do when writing text dependent analysis responses). This should be typed. Lesson Learned due Feb 3rd


    • A family tree showing AT MINIMUM: your person’s parents, grandparents (maternal & paternal), siblings, spouse, and their own children. BONUS: include nieces/ nephews, cousins, spouse’s parents & grandparents & siblings, great-grandparents, etc. Family tree due Feb 10th


    • A title with the person’s name at the top of your board. Your title may also include the date of birth and death OR what they are remembered for. You may be creative with this. Examples: George Washington Carver: Peanut Man or “Yes We Can” Barack Obama: Our 44th President.


    • Label each section of your board neatly. Examples: Autobiography, Portrait, Top Five, Family Tree and Lessons Learned.


    • Other pictures of your person or about their life to decorate your board.


    Trifold will be assembled in class during the week of Feb. 16th.

  • Project Pacing Guide

    Please refer to this pacing guide to ensure that every component of your project is completed on time.  If you do not turn in your assignments on time, you will not participate during our night exhibit.



    Due Date

    Completed at

    Graphic Organizer

    January 20th


    Hands on Project Approved

    January 17th


    Autobiography Rough Draft

    January 27th


    Autobiography Final Copy

    February 3rd  


    Top Five List

    February 3rd


    Lesson Learned

    February 3rd


    Headshot Drawing

    February 10th


    Family Tree

    February 10th


    Bring in a Tri-Fold

    February 10th

    Can be purchased at Dollar Tree

    Hands-On Activity

    February 14th



    February 14th


    Oral Presentation

    February 19th-20th


    You must come to school dressed as your person

    All assignments are due on their due date.  If you notice that you will not get an assignment finished during the allotted time in school, then you must work on it at home.