• To access the ACT 126 Course:

    1. Log into SAS at pdesas.org
    2. Click My SAS Tools in the upper right corner
    3. Select PD Center
    4. Click Course Catalog/Registration (or select it from the Menu section in the top right corner)
    5. Click the Course Options drop down and select Act 126Locate the Act 126 course name that aligns with your role in your district
    6. Click the Options button next to the appropriate course
    7. Select Register (or Description to see a course outline)
    8. Click the Register button to confirm the information, then click the Close button
    9. Click Menu in the top right corner
    10. Select My Classes
    11. Click the Options button next to your course
    12. Select Go to Classroom
    13. Begin the course by reading the material and clicking the Next button at the bottom of each page

    For Assistance, contact the SAS Helpdesk at helpdesk@pdesas.org or 1-877-973-3727