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View Proposal Presentation (7/15)

First page of the PDF file: EITandOccupationTaxHearingTCW-ContinuationHearing-FinalDraftocaV32

STSD is seeking a change in the local taxation structure. What is STSD looking to do?

  1. Eliminate the School Occupation Tax - $270 per person.
  2. Increase the Earned Income Tax (EIT) by 0.60% - This tax is usually withheld via individual paychecks throughout the year (weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, etc.).
  3. Susquehanna Township citizens' simple majority vote is required via the November 5, 2024, Ballot to pass.
  4. If the proposed changes are voter-approved on November 5, 2024, STSD Board of Directors will consider eliminating both the School Per Capita Tax and the School Residence Tax - $10.00 per person.